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2 women, 1 man

Excerpt (German)


Stadttheater Heidelberg, Zwinger3, 14.01.2000, Directed by Rüdiger Pape

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© Gerd Gall, 2000. Uraufführungsinszenierung Theater der Stadt Heidelberg, Zwinger 3
Directed by Rüdiger Pape, Scene Design Ira Hausmann, Music Jo Bartmes, Dramaturg Christian Laubert
With Antje Natascha Menzel, Katharina Pilar and Dirk Lattemann


The Witch Game

for children from 10 and up


Around 1660. The »wild« girl Aranxa is accused of having set fire to a barn in the village. Since the penalty for arson is death, Aranxa flees to the woods, where she bumps into the well-behaved girl Sophie. The two get to know each other closer and learn to overcome their prejudices. Mutually they try to stem the tide of events that follow in the village.

THE WITCHGAME was commissioned by Theater Heidelberg, in cooperation with Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg. The play is based on the academic research of Prof. Hartwig Weber on child witches in the Early Modern Period.

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