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Naomi and the Night

for children ages 6 and up



It is Naomis first night at home alone. No problem, she feels big enough for this and everything has been thoroughly talked over with her parents beforehand. Besides, her stuffed animal, Mr. Justincase, is there to keep her company.

But punctually at eight, when it´s time to go to bed, the difficulties begin: Should Naomi really go to bed? Her room looks so different at night, dark and scary. And Mr. Justincase is full of ideas what the two of them could do instead, now that her parents are gone for once. Soon enough going to sleep is out of the question anyway, since the carpet in Naomis room comes to life and other weird things start to happen. And as if that weren´t enough, suddenly Mr. Justincase is missing without leaving a trace.

A play with songs, to which each theater can compose the music.


Original German Title

Naomi und die Nacht


2 women, 1 man, 1 puppeteer

Available for first production

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