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Oda and the Horse of the Gods

for children ages 6 and up


When Odette grows up, she will be called Oda and she will be the most powerful godess far and wide. But it is still some time until then. Now, Odette is still rather young and alone and everything but powerful. She doesn´t even have her parents anymore. At least they left her what one needs: a throne, a wishing cloak and two ravens - who supply Odette with food, toys and musical sounds. But is that really all one needs? Odette is soon tired of waiting and being bored. Sie wishes she had a playmate, „the most wondrous peculiar being“.

Sleipnir, a horse with eight legs appears, full of ideas. Together Odette and Sleipnir scout out the world, meet dwarfs and giants, make music together and have a lot of fun. Until one day, Sleipnir packs his suitcase to move on and Odette is left alone again.

When she has grown up, Odette is called Oda and she is rich and powerful. But also unhappy. When her possessions literally become too much for her, she remembers Sleipnir and his music and she begins to sing…


Ingeborg von Zadow has written a play for children for three actors and two musicians, freely adapted from subjects of the Nordic myths and legends. ODA AND THE HORSE OF THE GODS deals with the process of growing up, that always takes longer than one wants and that is over far too quick at the same time. A homage to the power of imagination and music.


​Original German Title

​Oda und das Pferd der Götter

1 woman, 2 men (+ 2 musicians)

Available for first Production

Radio Play

A short radio play with the same title was produced in 2019 as a project of the UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg and the University of Music in Trossingen. Sounddesign: Luis Brunner. Presented at the Heidelberger Literaturtagen 2019 and the ARD-Hörspieltage Karlsruhe 2019.

Web-Premiere Radio Play
Stream (in German)

​Performance Rights
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Tel. 0049/69/238574-20, Fax 0049/69/24277644,

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Photo Rights

The photos of Sleipnir (Costume: Hannah Münninghoff) are made available with permission of the Heidelberg Cultural Affairs Office (Kulturamt der Stadt Heidelberg), © Photos Stefanie Eichholtz, 2018.

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