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4 Puppeteers


Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen, 11./12.09.2020, Regie Stephan Siegfried, Bühne & Puppen Marita Bachmaier

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Hallo Nachbar5_Foto Miroslaw Nowotny kle
Hallo Nachbar__IMG_9906 klein
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Hallo Nachbar_Foto Miroslaw Nowotny klei

Hello Neighbor
Picture Allegories with Glump


A comedy for Puppet Theater




Everybody is familiar with those nice neighbors. The elderly woman who really loves the house rules, the bachelors with their good music system who share a flat, the young student with the barking dog. You say hello, you have a short talk but you´re glad to be separated from them by the walls of your apartment.

But what if apartments suddenly disappear – but the people stay? What if two apartments melt into one and your neighbors are now your housemates? And who or what is “Glump” that sits down on your couch in the evenings?


“Hello Neighbor” is a commissioned work of the Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen. With the support of the Autorenstiftung Frankfurt a.M.


Original German Title

Hallo Nachbar - (Un)Sinnbilder mit Glump

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