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Filipa Underway -

through Europe with a sound machine

for children from ages 5 and up


Filipa is supposed to take over the kingdom for her parents, who are tired of ruling. She plans a trip through Europe before the coronation. She wants to see the world and besides that, Filipania is still lacking a lot of things, for example a king. During her trip to the North, the East and the South, Filipa curiously encounters many foreign things: an elk in the snow, a Russian grandmother on the Trans-Siberian railway, and tiny little coffee cups in hot Sicily. With her at all times travels sound machine Tackl, who noisely comments on the action and butts in whenever he pleases. Especially at times when Filipa is all too interested in Jelle from the Netherlands, who keeps »phoning around« ...


FILIPA UNDERWAY - through Europe with a sound machine - is a theatrical piece of story-telling.  Next to the German text, the play also has passages in Italian, Dutch, Russian and Swedish.

Original German Title

Filipa Unterwegs - mit dem Tonomat durch Europa

1 woman and a sound machine

Excerpt (German)

Theater Feuer und Flamme, Braunschweig, Febuary 10, 2006, directed by Joachim von Burchard

Further productions (selection)
Theater Junge Generation Dresden, Theater Kohlenpott Herne, Theater Baal Novo Offenburg, Theater Biel/Solothurn, Switzerland

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Tel. 0049/69/238574-20, Fax 0049/69/24277644,

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Published in (German Original)

Spielplatz 24, Hrsg. Thomas Maagh, Verlag der Autoren, ISBN 978-3-88661-338-0, Buchverlag der Autoren


Photo Rights
The photos of FILIPA UNDERWAY (Filipa Unterwegs) are made available with permission of Theater Biel/Solothurn, Swizerland ©Stefan Hugentobler, 2020

Director Stefanie Rejzek, Stage and Costume Marc Calame, Sound Karim Patwa.
Isabelle Freymond

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