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Old Boxes, Old Birds



Tons of old boxes are piling up in the living room of Agnes (mother, 96) and Margret (daughter, 72). Great-nephew Pit (22) has gotten them all down from the attic, a stocktaking is scheduled on the agenda. The two old women start to rummage around in their long lives, that they lived in constant mutual dependence. Little by little not only their long forgotten things but also a few existential personal stories come out into the open. At the same time young Pit, with his always changing girl-friends, is searching for the right way in his life.


OLD BIRDS & BOXES affectionally plays with the comic of the elderly and doesn´t avoid big feelings: for two great elder actresses.


3 women, 1 man

Excerpt  (German)

Theater Altenburg-Gera, 04.06.2005, Directed by Therese Thomaschke

Further Production
BASTA 60+ Karlsruhe

Year Grant of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg 2001

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Photo Rights
The photos of OLD BIRDS & BOXES (Alte Schachteln) are made available with the permission of Theatergroup BASTA 60+, Karlsruhe, © Jochen Wietershöfer, 2017.

Directing and Scenery Jochen Wietershöfer.
With Dietlinde Ade, HJ Burgert, Karin Pitzer und Lucia Wegner.

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