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Outside the House


for children from ages 3 and up


Should one leave the safety of one´s home? Best only to take a look first. The two characters dare to go outside, outside the house. They take their first, curious steps into the world. There they meet a big cow and a little mouse. They climb up a mountain and discover that there is much more to see outside. But then it starts to get dark and the two decide to go back inside for the time being.

OUTSIDE THE HOUSE tells a little, and at the same time a big story, about the course of a whole day, from going out to returning back home - in short: about life.

German Original Title
Raus aus dem Haus

2 women or 2 men



German (Original)SinhalaTurkish

Comedia Theater, Köln, April 14, 2012, Directed by Barbara Fuchs, Tanzfuchs PRODUKTION Köln

Further Productions (selection)
Thüringer Landestheater Rudolstadt, Landestheater Tübingen, Das Theater Ensemble Paris, Frankreich, Stadttheater Gießen, Theater Budenzauber Freiburg, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Theater Magdeburg (Oper), Theater Baal Novo, Offenburg/Europäisches Forum am Rhein Neuried

Longlist German Childrens Theater Prize 2012 (Auswahlliste Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis 2012)

Premiere Opera
Composition by David Wagner
Premiere Landestheater Linz, Österreich, November 30, 2013, Directed by Andrija Repec

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Tel. 0049/69/238574-20, Fax 0049/69/24277644,

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Published in (German Original)
Ingeborg von Zadow: "Ich und Du", Sechs Theaterstücke für Kinder, Verlag der Autoren
ISBN 978-3-88661-354-0, Buchverlag der Autoren


Photo Rights
The photos of OUTSIDE THE HOUSE (Raus aus dem Haus) are made available with the permission of

Theater Baal Novo, Europäisches Forum Neuried, © Gerhard Vaternahm 2019
Directed by
Benjamin Wendel. With Yaroslava Gorobey and Henrietta Teipel.

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