Go Now Go

for children ages 10 and up


On her way to school Fill, a ten year old girl, trips over a suitcase standing on the street. An old woman has left it there, she doesn´t need it anymore. She can´t take it with her on the trip that lies ahead of her. As the two start debatting over what should be done with the suitcase and over the question what is inside, they slowly become friends. For the young girl the encounter turns into a welcome recharging of batteries for her integration into her new school community. For the old woman it will be the last human encounter.

GO NOW GO deals with the themes of parting, friendship and being excluded. The play is "one of the lightest and most humorous examinations of the theme of death." (Manfred Jahnke, Theater der Zeit).


2 women, 1 man

Excerpt (German)





Long List German Theater Prize 2014 (Auswahlliste Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis 2014)

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Printed in (German Original)
Ingeborg von Zadow: "Ich und Du", Sechs Theaterstücke für Kinder, Verlag der Autoren, ISBN 978-3-88661-354-0, Buchverlag der Autoren

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