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2 men and a squirrel, extras





German (Original), Polish, Singalese

Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim, Schnawwl, 03.10.2015, Directed by Marcelo Diaz

Weitere Aufführungen

Hans Otto Theater Potsdam


Nominated for the German Childrens Theater Prize 2016 (Nominierung Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis 2016)

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Printed in (German Original)

Spielplatz 32, Hrsg. Thomas Maagh, Verlag der Autoren, ISBN 978-3-88661-395-3, Buchverlag der Autoren

Photo Rights
The photos of HOUSE OF GREAT SURPRISE (Haus Blaues Wunder) are made available with permission of Hans Otto Theater Potsdam © Thomas M. Jauk, 2018
Directed by Ulrike Müller, Scene Design Jan Lehmann, Costumes Cornelia Just, Music Sound Roman Strack
With Benno Lehmann, Julian Mehne and Peter Wagner

HBW Potsdam 383
HBW Potsdam 052
HBW Potsdam 307
HBW Potsdam 081
HBW Potsdam 022
HBW Potsdam 127

House of Great Surprise

for children ages 6 and up


The poor Mr. Peppercorn has bought a little house at the seaside. The rich Mr. Goldypurse has also bought a little house at the seaside. Full of anticipation both move into the same house that has been sold twice. Since the seller Mr. Seller is out of office, the two men have to deal with the unusual situation by themselves. The quarrels start getting stronger when Mr. Goldypurse´s furniture is delivered and when Mr. Peppercorn´s pet squirrel doesn´t keep to the border through the house the two have decided on.

HOUSE OF GREAT SURPRISE is a play about how two rivals with very different views on life can become friends.

Original German Title

Haus Blaues Wunder

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