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Visiting Katt and Fredda

for children ages 6 and up


Katt and Fredda live together, apparently happily. Their mutual everyday life is well organized: »One knows what one has and where it is«. When Katt imagines that it would be exciting to have a visitor, Fredda feels hurt. But when Miranda actually walks in and starts paying Fredda compliments, it is suddenly Katt who feels left out. Is there room for three where everything is set up for two?

VISITING KATT AND FREDDA is Ingeborg von Zadows mostly performed play with numerous productions.


Original German Title

Besuch bei Katt und Fredda

3 women





German (Original), Estonian, French, Croatian, Polish, Swedish, Sinhala, Tamil, Turkish

Junges Theater Zürich, 07.05.1997, Regie Marcelo Diaz


Further productions (selection)
Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen, Thalia Theater Halle, Comedia Colonia Köln, Theater Waidspeicher Erfurt, Schauspiel Essen, Theater im Marienbad Freiburg, Akademie der Künste Ulm, Manteatern Lund Schweden, Theater Mummpitz Nürnberg, Das Weite Theater Berlin, KREScH Theater Krefeld, Theater Wrede Oldenburg, Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel, Teatr Iolo Cardiff Wales, Dschungel Wien Österreich, Black Box Theater Colombo Sri Lanka, Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen, echtzeit-theater Münster



Invitation to the AUGENBLICK MAL Festival 2001 in Berlin; Theater im Marienbad Freiburg, Regie Dieter Kümmel

Invitation to the Russian Festival for Children- and Youth Theatre in Jekaterinburg 1999, »Ömmes und Oimel«, Comedia Colonia Köln, Regie Marcel Cremer

Part of the Ingeborg von Zadow-Werkschau at the Triangel-Festival at Stadttheater Konstanz, 1997, Uraufführungsinszenierung directed by Marcelo Diaz, Junges Theater Zürich

Performance Rights
VERLAG DER AUTOREN GmbH & Co. KG, Taunusstraße 19, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel. 0049/69/238574-20, Fax 0049/69/24277644,


For Foreign Rights please contact one of the international partners of Verlag der Autoren.


Published in (German Original)

Ingeborg von Zadow ICH UND DU, Sechs Theaterstücke für Kinder, Verlag der Autoren, ISBN 978-3-88661-354-0

und in Spielplatz 9, Hrsg. Marion Victor, Verlag der Autoren, ISBN 3-88661-166-3, Buchverlag der Autoren

Photo Rights

The photos of VISITING KATT AND FREDDA (Besuch bei Katt und Fredda) are made available with the permission of echtzeit-Theater Münster, © Roman Starke, 2019
Directing David Gruschka

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